Reflections from a psychotherapeutic group dynamics


Reflections about the experience in a psychotherapeutic group dynamic, developed in an adult’s psychiatric hospitalization unit in the public health care system.

This study has been carried out based on the group psychotherapeutic experience carried out in the Adult Psychiatric Income Unit of Vega Baja Hospital (Orihuela) from June to December 2015 and from June 2016 to the present. This experience has been carried out on a weekly basis, with the aim of continuing improving, day by day, the attention to the patients within a process of reflection, leaving open dialogue and contributions by therapeutic team members of the Income Unit.

psychotherapeutic groups, psychiatric hospitalization, recovery, recuperation, open dialog, active listening, mutual support groups, gender perspective, mourning, grief, sorrow, users testimonials

Marina Albaladejo Fosar
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