Revaluation of the countertransference in the contemporary clinic


The extension of the limits of analyzability, and the changes which today’s culture has printed on the forms of subjectivity, have promoted a large clinical and theoretical richness. Winnicott’s contributions to Freudian thinking, the study of early trauma, and the failures in the symbolic world in general, have favoured a willingness to receive and contain feelings, the meaning of emotions and the representation of instinctual experiences. Green, de M’Uzan, Botella, Marucco, among others, study the work of representation in the session, as well as the analyst’s position beyond floating attention. One potential sense is summoned into being by the creative encounter between two speeches in which the analyst’s countertransference can contribute to the construction of a third symbolic object, the analytical object.

countertransference, representation, figurability, symbolization

María Elena Sammartino
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