Review of the book «The Oedipic Maze. Mothers, fathers and children in the 21st century». Collecting of papers exhibited in the X conference of exchange in Psychoanalysis

El laberinto edípico. Madres, padres e hijos en el siglo XXI
Barcelona: Xoroi Edicions, 2021

[Automatic translation from Spanish]:
Compilation of the papers presented in the X Seminar of Interchange in Psychoanalysis (2019).
Freud, in 1897, in a letter to Fliess, introduced the complex of Oedipus from his self-analysis; throughout his work, he was developing the fundamental concepts for psychoanalytic theory, which act in the constitution of subjectivity; he considered the complex of Oedipus as a nodal point in subjective structuring. From Freud, different theoretical lines emerged that have given us different ways of conceptualizing the Oedipus complex. Dialogue between the different theoretical lines is one of the objectives of our seminar.

Why did Freud resort to the myth of Oedipus to theorize the erotic relationship with primordial objects and psychic work that makes it possible to access secondary identifications and exogamic sexuality?
Is the representation of the Oedipus complex still in force today, as Freud, M. Klein and Lacan theorized it? Social changes have promoted cohabitation between different types of family models: the traditional family model, couple separations with new family regroupings, single-parent families, families with same-sex parents and recognition of different sexualities.

Technological developments also go together with a rapid social change. It should be enquired […]

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