Review of the book «At stake. Game theory and technique in current clinical practice»

En juego. Teoría y técnica del juego en la práctica clínica actual
Royo, R., Jachevasky, L., Pont, T. (eds)
Barcelona: Herder, 2022

[Automatic translation from Spanish]:

After a prologue by the psychiatrist Dr. José Manuel Ibañez, the publishers of the book that we want to discuss, present in their «Introduction» the reasons why they have gathered the contributions of thirteen professionals, experts in the treatment of children, on gambling as a diagnostic and psychotherapeutic tool.

Considering that today’s world is far from that of the pioneers of childhood psychoanalysis and aware that clinical theories and practices are sensitive to the peculiarities of the field in which they are developed, the book addresses a wide theoretical and clinical review of children’s play from the viewpoint of the current perspective.

Book structure

The text is deployed in seven parts, each of which contains several chapters. The first two (I and II) are dedicated to the theoretical approaches on the subject developed from Freud to relational psychoanalysis; in the III, the authors who intervened in the previous two analyze and comment on a specific clinical case; the IV contemplates the game from Systemic Therapy and Art therapy; the V is dedicated to various technical aspects; the VI refers to the evolution of the game, and finally, the VII deals with the detection, through play, of children’s mental states.[…]

Mari Carmen Giménez Segura
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