Salvador Foraster Rovira in memoriam

[Automatic translation from Spanish]:

Beauty, which helps to live, also helps to die.
Albert Camus

Dear Salvador, when I received the news on 5 September that you had left us, I walked inconsolable on the street without knowing where to go and Handel’s aria Pena Tirana (translation: Tyrant sadness) came to me:

I feel in my heart the tyrant sadness
I don’t expect to find clemency
And my pain with so many misfortunes has no peace.

And after so many years of fraternal friendship you were already part of my life.

Random meant that we knew each other many years ago. I was in Freixanet bookstore in Barcelona, and I asked for a book that they did not have and directed me to Xoroi bookstore and, indeed, here was the book. Instinctive after entering and observing the books you treasured and starting to talk to you, I felt something like Stendhal syndrome. The Xoroi and its bookseller constituted a secular temple of wisdom and knowledge. From there, every time my brother or I visited Barcelona, going to the Xoroi was already a ritual.

With you we knew what the bookshop trade means, an unpaid knowledge in these times of collective imposture and stupidity. In a world in which the exhibition of the ego is an obsessive practice, incoming the Xoroi meant finding calm and intellectual freshness with your advice, your bibliographic wisdom and your exemplary task of spreading the psychoanalysis with which you have enriched us all so much.

Thanks to you we are more educated, and our life is richer and more dignified because, at the end of the day, Borges warned us, there is no other paradise than books. And all our books in Xoroi have a plus of charm and value because they bear the mark of your gesture, of your words, of your generosity and disinterest in depositing in our hands so precious and precious treasures.

Albert Camus said in his Carnets (translation: Notebooks) that there are people greater and more authentic than others and that make up an invisible and evident society around the world that justifies existence. When you told me on the phone about your illness, you quoted an aphorism of him that says there is no love for life without the despair of living. And it is true, the disease has collapsed you, but it has not beaten you, is enough to see how elegant and dignified you knew how to face it!

Dear Salvador, friendbrother, this word that you liked so much when I told you for the first time, saying goodbye to you is not possible. Thank you very much for everything you have given us as a bookseller and friend, inseparable words. Your friendship made us better people. You will continue to live in our memories and in our hearts.

My friendbrother, have a good trip!

Antonio Pombo Sánchez
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