Science and the authoritarian domination of the subject


The science seems to arise as an incorporeal owner in alliance with a liberal politics and from a single speech that can dominate the individual. This control is exercised mainly since science is deified as a single story about the world. The consequences of this scientism are multiple and involve a conception of the human being held in mechanistic metaphors.

It is generally not assumed that the science has intrinsic limits and that its approach to the world will only provide in the best case scenario a formal reality. But the fundamental limit to science when it contemplates the human derives from the impact of essentialist scientific method and theories with the singular existential.

Facing a scientistic biological determinism, we defend human freedom overshadowed by a determinism that is not biological but biographical and unconscious, thus demonstrating the validity of the delphic mandate not attainable by science.

In front of the scientistic dehumanization, a humanist resistance is feasible and necessary, from the philosophical reflection and in which the clinical relationship should play an important role.

scientism, dehumanization, limits, freedom, determinism

Javier Peteiro
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