Study groups on psychoanalysis


Freud paid attention to the question of transmission on psychoanalysis throughout his entire professional career. He set the conditions to a possible study of psychoanalytic theory at the university, bequeathed the minutes of the meetings in his office on Wednesdays and opened the way to a mode of transmission still in vogue: study groups on psychoanalysis. The article is about the elements of the structure that form the basis of study groups on psychoanalysis, i.e. the function of knowledge, the necessity of opening enigmas, the significance of the subject’s effect among the participants and the problem of the object to be studied.

From a theoretical perspective not excluding the clinical nor the historical points of view, I will try to tell apart the elements of a psychoanalytic transmission from others such as philosophy, medicine or literature.

study group; transmission in psychoanalysis; psychoanalyst training.

Aurelio Gracia Vallès
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