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  • Dossier: Covid-19?

  • – Anxiety, depression and emotional distress [Text in Catalan]
  • – Approach to death in a long-stay residential unit [Text in Catalan]
  • – Mental suffering in Covid-19 [Text in Spanish]
  • – The face mask: a new abnormality [Text in Spanish]
  • – Effects on the mental health of people in housing emergency processes in Ciutat Meridiana [Text in Spanish]
  • – Learning from the virus [Text in Spanish]
  • General section

  • – The child and pediatric dentistry [Text in Spanish]
  • – To take flight in adolescence: adopted youth [Text in Spanish]
  • – For to read Erich Fromm in Spanish [Text in Spanish]
  • – Review of the book «Living prematurity» by Remei Tarrago et al [Text in Spanish]

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Approach to the spiritual dimension in clinical practice

This article tries to explain my experience and my learning, as a specialist in internal and palliative medicine, accompanying ill people who are dying. Healthcare professionals approach our patients with a certain attitude and with respect, trying to explore their threats and their fears that Read more…

The hypochondriac enjoyment and the medicalized society

The fact that death is inevitable makes the narcissist a hypochondriac, because it makes the healthy presence of oneself in the future an extremely uncertain matter. Given that the hypochondriac, in addition to its psychic structure, the environment also does so, the excess of medicalization, Read more…