The child and pediatric dentistry


The birth and evolution of pediatric dentistry is described. The clinical relevance of psychoanalytic theory, determining the importance of interdisciplinary work for the treatment of children in the dental clinic, is underlined. In early childhood development, there is an important evolutionary triad consisting of the acquisition of “teething / gait / language”. Precisely in the dental chair the triple expressive possibility is canceled. The pediatric dentist already knows, through psychodynamic knowledge, the fantasies and anxieties that the mere fact of opening the mouth and subjecting it to exploration may entail. Therefore, the child should not be forced and his initial rejection respected, if any. In this case, you will perceive that the dentist does not want to violate you in any way and, instead, offers you understanding and security.

Pediatric dentistry, psychoanalysis, childhood

[Text in Spanish]: La odontopediatría se afianzó con la condición de que el niño necesitaba un trato especial. El odontopediatra necesitaba que su primera consulta con el pequeño paciente fuera positiva; el encuentro y la primera consulta son fundamentales y han de estar basados en la sinceridad, la confianza, el respeto al niño y la comprensión de sus problemas, relacionados o no con la boca. (Cobo, 1983, pp. 320-321). […]

Antonio Pombo Sánchez
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