The dance. The institutional practice and training with Francesc Tosquelles

[Automatic translation from Spanish]:

My arrival at the Pere Mata Institute was my inclusion in institutional psychiatry and psychotherapy. My teacher was Dr. Francesc Tosquelles.

I will tell you about the Tosquelles that I met in 1977, the year in which I began my residence to be a psychiatrist at today’s Pere Mata University Hospital, then Pedro Mata Institute (IPM). My relationship with Tosquelles extended until almost his death in 1994. I’ll also tell you about how my work on Pere Mata was. I worked there for almost 10 years, first as a resident and then as an adjunct doctor.

At my first meeting with Tosquelles, all the psychiatrists and residents were gathered in a very large room, and I was «the new one» that day. Tosquelles rose up and invited me to dance. I was puzzled, of course, I got out of the difficulty as I could. I’d understand the gesture later. That day I began a path directed by him and he was who invited me to dance, to follow his steps. The truth is that Tosquelles could constantly surprise with his way of being, his jokes and his occurrences (one of these occurrences was to ask ourselves whether we were cleaning our ass forward or backwards).

I read in an article by Dr. Labad that the specialization of psychiatrists in Pedro Mata began in 1973, this training was under the control of the chair of psychiatry of the University of Barcelona. By decision of the board of directors of the Pedro Mata Institute, the pedagogical direction was left to Dr. Francisco Tosquelles.[…]

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