Conference ins and outs: the digital strategy

With the image well defined, La Clara Comunicació worked on a dissemination strategy that planned

A calendar of contents for social networks

Creation of copies and storytelling + associated images to generate interest and inscriptions.

Social networks: instagram, facebook, twitter

Gradually, an intense activity and viralizing the information of the day’s celebration, among others with tweets, creation of stories, mentions, labels, hashtags, and links.

#Intercanvis #RevistaIntercanvis #Tosquelles #psicoanàlisi #PsicoanàlisiComunitària #LlegatTosquelles #FrancescTosquelles #JornadesPsicoanàlisi

We have been helped by: @ccpatillimona @SEPsicoanalisis @copc_cat @cdc_elp @acpp_psico @accep_psic @clustersalumen @SCBcn_ICF @ForoGirona @FundacioOrienta @GrupPereMata and a large amount of the Association’s members

Save the date!

Introducing the speakers!

Start countdown!

The day has come!

Website intercanvis

The traditional image since 2018 of the website gave way to a new specific design for the day: cover, information pages and live video area of the day



A whole battery of actions and reactions on the network that have helped to the success of public attendance at the day, in person and online through streaming.

Many thanks to all those who have contributed to the diffusion of the 2023 Psychoanalysis Conference dedicated to Doctor Francesc Tosquelles and community psychoanalysis.

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