The introduction of supervision in Social Services.
Story of a 1986 experience


In this article we explain the first experience (of which we have knowledge in our environment) of the supervision of cases following the psychoanalytic model in the childhood social services.

This experience took place in the context of the general reorganization of these services derived from the Spanish democratic transition in 1978, as a result of which, in 1986, a process of closing the Mundet Homes began. This was the institution that took charge of the orphaned or abandoned children by order of the Diputació de Barcelona, which had until then the competence in this matter in this territory.

The supervision was initially a new resource promoted by the teams that had to relocate this population and, given the value that was revealed, it was later extended to the various new teams that were created as a result of the general reorganization of the social services.

In this extension of supervision, different models than psychoanalytic are currently used and even different from the analysis of cases, addressing other aspects such as organizational or other.

In this article we will focus our attention, on the one hand, on some aspects of the processes of change that take place in public administration and, on the other hand, on the characteristics of the psychoanalytic model of case supervision.

Pere Llovet
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