The legacy of Dr Francesc Tosquelles

[Automatic translation from Spanish]:

To tell what Francesc Tosquelles left me as a legacy, from a professional perspective, is something very difficult, perhaps almost obscene. However, I will try to respond to this, although it will certainly be very partial. To this end, I will choose what I have been able to do from certain aspects, translating it in the form of two schemes, thus trying to differentiate things that, however, are always mixed. In any case, these schemes have accompanied me throughout my professional life, and I have tried to share them actively and in a critical way, in practice with my collaborators, whatever their socio-professional status.

I name them the medical scheme and the «psi» scheme, without knowing exactly how to specify the latter concept. In any case, they have served as basis for everything we have wanted to do and which we have done many times in a contradictory manner and, why not to say, in a conflictive manner.

But there is also another legacy of Tosquelles – and of others – that has to do with the problem of contradiction that, we must not forget, constitutes the movement without which there is no life. The question is to be able to manage these contradictions, problematize them, dramatize them, in the institutional environment. It is an important part of the work that the therapeutic team must do and has to do with the need to institute permanent analysis processes. This has been a kind of permanent compass, which is very important to be able to dispose of, especially when you navigate in a situation where you risk always losing the north.[…]

Jacques Tosquellas
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