The projection of parricide in human aging


We present contributions on the subject of the psychoanalytic psychopathology and clinic of human aging. Our approach is conceptual and qualititative, anchored in the Freudian theory of complemental series. We ponder the weight of the actual triggering event, described as a stressor multi-formed by a set of social and relational problems. This factor is articulated with the Freudian drive theory, and transmission of generational legacies, and finally with the clinical emergence of the Oedipus complex: the return and projection of the old childhood conflict, now transformed into a destitution neurosis. As a frame for this psychopathology, we enumerate other emergents of the social field that motivate a psychoanalytic consultation for elderly patients and also for members of their family.

aging, elderly, legacy, stressor, Oedipus, parricide

Osvaldo Bodni
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