The psychoemotional baggage of the COVID-19 pandemic


The pandemic of COVID-19 has caused not only physical casualties but a considerable psychological impact. This situation has creates the need for a sound analysis about the terms of coping, the emotional and psychological consequences, as much as the need for therapeutic approaches at the individual and collective levels. Herein, we present a psychodynamic perspective of the emotional impact of this pandemic, the isolation and fear that it has generated, and a minimal proposal on how to affront this disease in our present and trying times.

pandemic, psychological impact, internal crisis, emotional deliberation

[Automatic translation from Spanish]:

Discussions have been presented in various fora on the psychosocial impact that this pandemic has caused. I will try to contribute to this cluster of speeches with a more focused view of the individual and the unconscious that is the iceberg, after all, beneath the surface.

For the first time in history, an epidemic phenomenon is known in real time and throughout the world. Territories as far away as China, Sweden or South Africa provide their numbers of infections and deaths on a daily basis, so that we are struck by their tragedy instantly and without filters. We are flooded with data, studies and scientific information, mixed with uncertainty and fear. No prayers, no frontiers and no medication stop this microscopic enemy, which kills quickly and quietly.

Constant images of nurses and doctors dressed as astronauts pay for the general terror towards this relentless virus. What is more, the saturation of news under the closure accentuates the paranoid plot: are we safe between these four walls? Will the creepy-crawly through windows or cracks? Will it come in the food that we have been given every week? Or will the cleaning staff who work in the house or office bring it? In his shoes, his nails, his breath?

There is nothing more sinister than what is not seen and therefore remains in the […]

Alberto Palacios
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