Trauma and abuse: reflections about traumatic origin of aggressiveness based on clinical experience


The article addresses the issue of abuse and mistreatment in childhood, through clinical experiences carried out in the Dominican Republic. A meeting with J, a Dominican 7-year-old child, took place to explore the traumatic outcome and devastating consequences that situations of abuse and mistreatment can have on the emotional development of a child, allowing him/her to contextualize some characteristics of the abuser as well as the social and relational environment in which the child develops. Therefore, through a series of clinical studies, we question the link between childhood trauma, educational styles and socio-cultural factors, considering the hypothesis of possible trauma due to violence even in its social forms.

trauma, aggressiveness, childhood, psychoanalysis.

Lorena Sozzi, Joan Manel Blanqué López, Carles Pérez Testor
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