Violence against women, ViolenceS against The woman


This article discusses the premise that the clinical approach to understanding the mindset of those perpetrators who commit acts of domestic/sexist violence cannot be successful if it relies on only social, cultural, historical and political factors. Instead, the clinical approach —and proper assessment— also requires the inclusion of all the mental health issues that are implied when a violent incident occurs. Furthermore, a psychoanalytical interpretation will provide key concepts for a wider and deeper understanding of the couple’s relationship, a known complex system. A rigorous analysis of early affective bonds and how they are being nourished at the earliest stages of any relationship is critical to understanding the future expression of the primary narcissism in both sexes, and simultaneously to the intrapsychic gender dictates.

sex violence, women’s abuse, mental health, psychoanalysis, gender dictates, private madness

Regina Bayo-Borrás
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