Who knocks at the door?


I’d like to approach the refugees issue as a political and social problem that engages us all objectively and subjectively. The cruelty and harshness of the experiences of the refugee claimants implies such high level of suffering that is likely to break their psychological and somatic balance by exposing them to serious risks of becoming physically ill or suffering from severe mental disorders. On the other hand we, the UE citizens, are reacting with defense mechanisms such as denial, scission, projection and others, in order to allow us avoid the fear, distress and discomfort that the situation produces in us, as well as the share of responsibility we have in the barbarism and inherent injustice related to the situation of these people, whoare is knocking on our door asking for help.

semantic trap, grief, traumatism, defenses, they/we, human rights

Mari Carmen Giménez Segura
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