Woman as Art Object


In the patriarchal phallocentric era, women are seen and treated by the male artist as an object-thing, with no traits of autonomy or personal integrity. This is reflected in Freud’s writings and in many productions of authors more motivated by success than by art itself.

The creator of psychoanalysis confesses his limitations in defining femininity and refers us to artists. Thus I discover in true creators a dignified vision of women, a vision that ennobles both the artist and his work with its gaze and attitude.

In this way, art can respond to and enrich psychoanalysis and not only the other way round. Nowadays, women go from being objects to being creative subjects, standing out in all the branches of art.

Art, authenticity, woman object-thing, the dignified and dignifying “other”, creator

[Automatic translation from Spanish]:

In the usual gender difference, it is proven, by different researches, that vision is the dominant sense of man and the cenesthesia sensitivity of the body, the feminine characteristic, stimulated by the touch, the ear and the wishing look of man. In this case it would be a subject who creates his object of desire under the prism of an obscene and voyeur gaze that promotes and multiplies it in spectators. With complicity with an exhibitionist woman, who degrades her body and intimacy, her body and soul are sold and prostituted. Marilyn Monroe, «The Body», confessed that she was blinded in her own body and felt tied to the beauty business as a drug addict.

The fetish production not only violates the female body, but also fragments it and cuts it like a surgeon, in buttocks, nipples, feet, postures, dresses, transparencies, and recomposes them in new erotic objects mobilizing and singular new meanings. The total woman disappears.

In this connection, women are not only a passive object, but also quartered: a consequence of submissive surrender to a sexist culture. In the same way as when she becomes addicted to cosmetic surgery with slashes, cuts and grafts in the body, to remain eternally[…]

Susana Volosin
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