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The following work is a tribute to the generosity, lucidity, inexhaustible work and the immense lesson that S. has given to me.

It seeks to testify the periplus and the inventions that will be built by a subject with autism during the treatment. An exercise that, according to Virginio Baio, should be understood as an accompaniment where the analyst, seen as a partner, looks for the consent of the subject from the respect and the caution in order not to burst but to facilitate a “sweet forcing” to encourage the emergence of an invention. An invention that seeks the regulation of an impossible pleasure, to hold and to keep something of the real one, which is given by the absence of a symbol will emerge from a unique and particular finding of the subject.

However, it will be necessary to know the singular subjective operation of the subject with autism and the “reasons and answers” that the subject has been trying to tackle from the traumatic language, the relation with his body and the encounter with the other.

autism, symbolic, border, invention, object, rotation

Marta Prat de la Riba
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